My name is Christophe Saudemont, born in 1978 in Ostend, Belgium.
Professionally, I work as Lightbox-Revelation, as this is a more catchy name.

Music has always been my first love.  During some time I played the guitar in some local bands.
My passion for photography started in 2009.  
Combining music and photography is a dream-come-true for me.

It brought me to places you can normally not go to, close to the biggest artists (both front- and backstage).

Years of trainings and workshops, and taking pictures in smaller clubs got me lot of experience on the field.
Today I am the house photographer for Musicinframe, and I took pictures of :

Megadeth,  Slash,  Twenty One Pilots,  Slayer,  Van Morrisson,  Iggy Pop,  Lorde,  Rammstein, 
Pet Shop Boys,  ZZ Top,  Limp Bizkit,  Marilyn Manson,  Elvis Costello,…almost 1,000 bands.

You have probably seen me taking pictures in our biggest concert halls or at the various festivals.

I also make portraits, like I did for Suicidal Tendencies, Pro-Pain, La Muerte, for Down for Life Magazine UK.
I made it twice to the Down For Life Magazine UK cover, something I’m very proud of.

However, I am not the most standard photographer.
It is my aim to catch the special moments, and transform them into dramatic art pictures :
the kind of picture you want to hang on your wall.
Preferably colored pictures, where you still witness the heat and the colors of the concert !

Do you need a photographer for your concert, show, tour, event, or even your personal project ?
Do not hesitate to contact me through the contact page.

See you soon !
Christophe Saudemont

My special thanks  go to,

Down For Life Magazine Uk
Lokerse Feesten
Suicidal Tendencies
La Muerte
Graspop Metal Meeting

Live Nation Belgium
Universal Music Belgium
Warner Music Belgium
Green house Talent
Sony Music Belgium

Sabrina, Peter, Myles, Ralph, Tom, Koen,...


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